Regional Analysis

This page shows the geographical location where the Victorian Ointment pots that are known originate from.

Certain parts of the country have produced more pots than others.
Analysis shows that the capital cities of the country produced the most. Greater London, the capital city, naturally has the most retailers, double the number of the nearest other rival county.
Yorkshire and the West Midlands have the next largest number of ointment producers. 
It is quite surprising that the southern eastern side of the country, the counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent, do not have any pots.
Why ?

The following table shows the counties where ointment pot producers are noted.
Some pots that exist do not have a town attributed to them as their origin is presently unknown.

County of Origination No.
Berkshire  1
Cheshire  1 
Cumbria  1
 Derbyshire 1
 Devon 3
Dorset  3 
Essex  1
Lancashire  3
Lincolnshire  3
Greater London  18
 Nottinghamshire 3
Somerset  1
Staffordshire  2 
Suffolk  1
 Tyne & Wear 2 
West Midlands  8
Wiltshire  3 
Yorkshire  9
Unknown  8
Scotland  5
 Ireland 1

    Regional Analysis

Retailer   Town   County    Description
 WindsorBerkshire Johnsons Ointment 
  Mrs. HulseAlsagerCheshire Celebrated Ointment
T. Holden Barrow in Furness Cumbria  Holden's
Mrs Crofts Nr. Chesterfield Derbyshire Mrs Croft's Ointment 
Dr Giles L. Roberts Bridport Dorset Poor Man's Friend 
J.R. Randall & CoPlymouth  DevonSkin Disease Ointment 
 R. White StevensPlymouth Devon Steven's Ointment 
 Randalls - Breeze JacksonPlymouth Devon Celebrated Ointment 
Fred Hutchins ChingfordEssexNOSCAR 
Alfred Witt   PooleDorset Brown Dominion King 
Witt Brothers  Bournmouth Dorset Brown Dominion King 
J. Lygnum & SonsManchesterLancashire Scurvy Ointment
W. Jones & Co Liverpool  Lancashire  Heal-All Ointment 
Wormalds Manchester   Lancashire   Celebrated Cream Ointment 
 F.J. ClarkeLincoln   Lincolnshire Miraculous Salve 
ISOLA  Lincoln  Lincolnshire  Bishops Balm 
Clarke's - L & M Counties  Lincoln  Lincolnshire  Miraculous Salve  
 O.P. Brown London London Herbal Ointment 
 Clement & JohnsonLondon London'YADIL' Antiseptic Jelly
Thos. Christy & Co  London London ECZO - Poison 
Dr Wrights London LondonCelebrated Pearl Ointment 
Thomas Holloway  London  LondonUniversal Family Ointment 
Humphries   London London Family Vegetal Unguent
Jamieson Brothers  London London Electric Herbal Remedies 
  London Hospital London LondonLondon Hospital Ointment 
Fredk. W. Hale  London  London Natures Herbal Ointment 
Reekie'sLondon  London  Great Healer
 RegesanLondon  London  King of Health Ointment
Mrs Gare   London  LondonCelebrated Ointment & Pills 
Stone Chemical Co LtdLondon LondonStone Salve
Stone Chemical Co Ltd London  London Stone Ointment 
Singletons London  LondonGolden Eye Ointment 
Stephen Green London  LondonGolden Eye Ointment 
Star Drug Co London  LondonStar Carbolic Ointment 
Summers London  London Summers Ointment  
Sturtons Peterborough Northants Poor Man's Cerate 
Sarsaparilla Nottingham Nottinghamshire Compound Extract 
 Savelym Ointment CoNottingham Nottinghamshire  Monarch of Ointments 
 S. CookNottingham Nottinghamshire   Carbolic Jelly
Smith & Co - Dr Tibbalds Taunton Somerset Blood Tonic Ointment 
 Thomas SweetloveTipton  Staffordshire Dr Sweetlove's Ointment 
Jas. Fenner Clare Suffolk Ointment 
H. Downie & Co  Newcastle-on TyneTyne & Wear Universal healing Ointment 
 George HandysideNewcastle Tyne & WearHandyside's 
 Eberlay'sUnknown  Unknown  Oinment 
 Dr WilsonsUnknown Unknown  Eczema Cure 
Grandfathers Unknown Unknown Grandfathers 
Imperial Ointment Unknown  Unknown Imperial Ointment 
 Mother AshtonUnknown  Unknown Cure All Ointment 
Precious Unknown  Unknown Precious Ointment 
Sands Unknown Unknown  Sand's Ointment
 Saunders Unknown  Unknown  Golden Ointment
George KnightBirminghamWest Midlands James's Universal Ointment 
 MachinsDudleyWest Midlands Infallible Pearl Ointment 
Machins - A.S. Price Birmingham West MidlandsInfallible Pearl Ointment 
P.P. Baker
Dudley West Midlands Friend in Need Ointment 
 R.C. Buck DudleyWest Midlands Friend in Need Ointment  
 Reade Brothers & CoWolverhamptonWest Midlands Egyptian Salve 
C.Tonge Oldbury West Midlands Indian Ointment 
E.B. Whitehouse BirminghamWest Midlands No Name 
A.E. Powell & CoSwindon Wiltshire Moonseed Ointment 
L.L. Morse Swindon Wiltshire Natures Own Remedy 
W.H. Thomas BristolWiltshire  Family Ointment
J.Brearley   HalifaxYorkshire  Balmforth's Ointment
T.G. Crippen UnknownYorkshire Sufferer's Friend 
Dr. Charles Rooke  ScarboroughYorkshire Golden Ointment 
John Oates Clayton  LeedsYorkshire Clayton's Ointment 
George Kerman  HullYorkshireUniversal Ointment 
Newton Chambers & CoSheffield  YorkshireIZAL 
W.G. OldroydHalifax Yorkshire Family Ointment 
A. ScotchburnDriffield Yorkshire Healing Ointment 
W.S. Brothers Dewsbury Yorkshire  SILALL
 Lemon'sBelfast  Ireland Celebrated Ointment
Lees  PaisleyScotland Herbal Ointment 
 D.J. McKinnon
Hawkhill, Dundee  Scotland Skin Specialist 
 SinclairsUnknownScotland Rheumatic Ointment 
Taylors New Brunswick  Scotland  Taylor's Ointment
Tenso  EdinburghScotland   Herbal Ointment  
Dr L.L. Smith Australia Australia Diggers Wounds Ointment 
N.S. Krams Australia AustraliaWorking Mans Friend 
Smellies Australia / NZ ?AustraliaGolden Ointment 
Jane Glover Australia  AustraliaOintment 
Bulgarian Cape Town South Africa Bacillus Ointment 



Further detailed information can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots 
book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley