T.G. Crippens
This page shows the  'Crippens' pot, origination uncertain 
T.G. Crippens, Sufferer's Friend.  Very similar to the Crippens' pot Prepared by C. Hill
This pot was dug in Leicestershire in 2008.
A unique pot as far as I am aware, sadly damaged with a piece from the back missing.  I have in fact spoken with the original digger of this unique pot and the missing piece was found at the time the pot surfaced but subsequently and sadly has been lost!  Oh well ! There is an article regarding the finding of this pot in the ABC magazine no. 37.
A similar pot exists with the name Crippen's, Sufferer's Friend, Prepared by C.Hill, and there is reference to this latter pot in BBR magazine no. 83.

I would be pleased to add this latter pot to my collection. If anyone knows of one available, please contact me. 

T.G. Crippens

Sufferer's Friend

Price 1s 1½d

Only known example


Being a recent discovery, this pot is not referred to in the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots 
book produced by Messrs Houghton & Priestley.  However there is a Crippens pot referred to on page 64.