Dr. Wright's
This page shows the 'Dr. Wrights' ointment pot & pot lids, originating from London 
This very early and very rare pot bears a blue transfer carrying simple lettering and a price of 1s 1½d. 
The more commonly found pot lids in the colours red, blue, green and black record different prices are included on this page for interest.
The Hunter family sold Dr. Wrights Celebrated Pearl Ointment from around 1830 and are believed to have purchased the recipe for the ointment from A.Hawkes Esq, Dudley. 
This statement is mentioned on the early black print pot lid, which subsequently changes on later pot lids to read 'Prepared from the Original Recipe by Zaccheus Hunter'.
Reference to this pot appears in BBR magazine no. 101.


Dr Wright's

Celebrated Pearl Ointment

Blue Print

Price 1s - 1½d

Extremely Rare  

Dr Wrights


Herewith is a gallery of various pot lids from Dr Wrights with different styles of print and four different colours. Large and small sizes and prices are 1s 1½d, 2/9 and 4/6. 

Dr Wrights

 Dr Wrights Dr Wrights Dr Wrights
 Dr Wrights   
 Dr Wrights Dr Wrights Dr Wrights 


Further detailed information regarding this pot can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley, page 141.