G. Handyside   1821 - 1904
This page shows the  'Handyside's' pot originating from Newcastle
George Handyside was born in 1821 and became involved with the medicine business in the 1880's.  In 1889 in Ward's directory he was listed as a 'consumption cure manufacturer'. 
In 1894, the Kelly's directory records him as a 'herbalist' so it is quite likely that this is the time when Handyside started to produce the ointment.

George Handyside lived to the ripe old age of 83.
Quite a simple pot but difficult to find one in good condition. Once a rare pot, now relatively common due to large numbers being discovered. 
An article appears in BBR magazine no. 85 suggesting that values have dropped quite considerably as a result of the large numbers that have been found.
An in depth article regarding George Handyside and the various bottles and pots he used can be found in BBR magazine no. 97


No prices

Scarce in good condition


Auction Sales
  • Handysides,   good condition, sold Ebay Australia May 2011 for AU$75 (£49) + p&p
  • Handysides,   good condition overall but had a haitline, sold Ebay November 2011 for £31.50 plus p&p
  • Handysides,   Very good condition , sold Ebay November 2011 for £58 plus p&p
  • Handysides,   Very good condition , sold Ebay February 2012 for £41 plus p&p
  • Handysides,   Repaired lip chips, sold Ebay December 2012 for £72 plus p&p


    Further detailed information can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots 
    book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley,  page 76.