A. Scotchburn
This page shows the  'Scotchburn's' Antiseptic Healing Ointment pot originating from Driffield in Scotland
Alfred Scotchburn was born in Driffield in 1874 and the first listing in Kelly's directory appeared in 1901 recording him a as chemist, druggist and cattle medicine manufacturer. 
The pot is believed to be known in different sizes however the pot only lists one price. The content size of 60ml is marked on the underside.



Antiseptic Healing Ointment

Price 1/1½


Very rare



Auction Sales
  • Scotchburns, good condition, sold BBR auctions March 2009, £415 


Further detailed information can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots 
book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley, page123.