This page shows the  'Taylor's' ointment pot originating from Alexandria, N.B. (North Britain), Scotland
Taylors Ointment was sold by a druggist and chemist named Douglas Mitchell, based in Main Street, Alexandria, N.B. (North Britain). 
References to this are recorded in local records in the 1880's.
The pot is printed all around the body and carries a nice pictorial of a monument depicting a fountain that was erected in the town of Alexandria.


Taylors Ointment

Alexandria N.B.

Price 1/1½

Very Rare


Auction Sales
  • Taylors,  One of these pots with a body hairline, sold BBR auctions January 2009 for £403
Further detailed information regarding this pot can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley, page 135