Clement & Johnson - 'Yadil'
This page shows the  'YADIL' Antiseptic Jelly ointment pot originating from the manufactures Clement & Johnson based in London W.C.1 
The company is recorded in the Post Office Directory of 1915 under the section Disinfecting Powder & Fluid Manufacturers, therefore making this pot post Victorian era.
The pot itself is a large pot which would have had a plain ceramic top. Two variations exist in the large size and I believe there are also small size pots available.
It has the method of use printed on the front, Dose ,- 'One teaspoon hourly or as directed by the physician'.

The word "YADIL" is a registered Trade Mark.


Clement & Johnson,

"YADIL" Antiseptic Jelly

No prices

Quite Rare

84mm & 88mm




Further detailed information can be obtained from the Historical Guide to Delftware and Victorian Ointment Pots 
book produced by Messrs. Houghton & Priestley page 142.